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About Malta

Malta is a fantastic place that offers fun in the sun and an excellent place to set up and run your business. Being set in a strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea it enjoys very close ties to both Europe and North Africa, Malta offers immediate and varied business benefits. It’s strong economy, it’s very flexible and skilled workforce with multi-language fluency and a strong base in professional financial, ICT, legal and management consulting services are all you need to establish a profitable economic bond with the Island.

A low tax regime proves to be very attractive too. The rate for corporate taxation in Malta stands at 35%; however upon distribution of dividends, shareholders may qualify for a refund generally equivalent to 85% of the tax paid, resulting in a paid tax rate of 5% for investors.

A resounding majority of investors (84%) believe that Malta is attractive for foreign investors; up 5% from the 2014 survey.

Malta's economy has regurarly outperformed  the eurozone since 2007 and existing investers  seem optimistic about their business prospects in Malta.


     All this in a politically stable and socially very safe and pleasant way of life

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